[Mono-list] Compiling .NET programs to EXE files that run without Mono/NET Framework

TuckMeng Lam tuckmeng at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 03:50:49 EDT 2006


Need some advice from the gurus here or at least to point me to the right 
documentation to read.

a. I am running XP and would like to compile .NET programs to standalone EXE 
files that run without Mono/NET Framework.

b. I tried using mono --aot filename.exe and noticed that Mono runs 2 
programs - AS (assembler) and gcc (to link). The filename that is generated 
is filename.exe.dll as I had MingW installed in my PC as well.

c. How do I compile it to run properly? I noticed that Mono doesn't allow me 
to stop the assembly process in XP. I could however see a series of 
bytecodes in the temp file produced.

d. The embedding mono page doesn't seem to document this, or have I missed 
out anything?

Thanx in advance for your help.


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