[Mono-list] Sqlite Support for Multiple Result Sets

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Sat May 20 09:06:13 EDT 2006

Joseph Hill wrote:
>> Having seen some traffic around Sqlite on the list again, I would like to
>> shine some light on another bug (77262) that I submitted a patch for in
>> January.

Sorry about putting off looking into that patch.

It would be good to avoid losing the version history of SqliteDataReader
from putting it into a new file.  Would you try on a fresh copy renaming
the file, i.e.:

svn mv SqliteDataReader.cs SqliteResultSet.cs

Then copy over your revised files, replacing SqliteResultSet.cs with
your copy, and 'svn add' your new SqliteDataReader.cs.

That'll make the patch cleaner.


- Joshua Tauberer


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