[Mono-list] Sqlite Support for Multiple Result Sets

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri May 19 00:39:52 EDT 2006

Hello Joseph,

    I think that part of the problem is that this bug has not been seen
by those using the Sqlite bindings.   I have CCed Joshua who has worked
on it recently, Senga which maintains System.Data and Larry which is a
user of it.  Hopefully they can provide some feedback.

    I sadly do not much about System.Data or our Sqlite bindings.

> Having seen some traffic around Sqlite on the list again, I would like to
> shine some light on another bug (77262) that I submitted a patch for in
> January.
> http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=77262
> The patch addresses three issues that I think are fairly important.
> 1)	It adds support for SqliteDataReader to return multiple result sets. 
> This means that callers can execute multiple data returning statements in
> a single call.  This is of particular importance for applications that
> fill DataSets that have multiple tables (SqliteDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet)
> depends on SqliteDataReader).
> 2)	Perhaps more importantly, the SqliteDataReader currently assumes that
> the last statement executed is the statement that is returning the data
> that the caller requested.  This is an invalid assumption, and can be a
> problem if the user wants to do any clean up (i.e. remove a temp table,
> fire an update, etc.) after the data returning statement is executed. 
> This patch necessarily corrects that.
> 3)	SqliteDataReader.NextResult() should be used to position the reader at
> the next result set, but currently it does the same thing as
> SqliteDataReader.Read().  Even without this patch, if the reader is only
> going to support one result set, then something should be done to have
> NextResult always behave as if it is being called on a reader with only
> one result set so that any application converted to add support for Sqlite
> will not get unexpected behavior if they are depending on the correct
> implementation of NextResult to move past the end of the current result
> set / onto another result set with a different schema.
> I don't think that the patch has sat on the shelf for so long that it's
> completely useless, but I do think it is beginning to fall into disrepair.
>  I would be happy to update it, but I'd like to get some idea as to
> whether or not it is wanted / would be accepted before doing so.
> Thanks,
> Joseph Hill
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