[Mono-list] Mono(Develop) crossplatform?

Felipe Almeida Lessa felipe.lessa at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 08:10:27 EST 2006

Em Dom, 2006-03-26 às 14:54 -0800, Martin Olsson escreveu:
> I keep reading that Mono creates binaries that run with no modifications 
> on any platform. If this is true, why does not MonoDevelop run on Windows?
> What is the obstacle to having a Windows version?

AFAIR, MonoDevelop uses some GNOME libraries that are Unix-only. 

> After all MonoDevelop is a more or less simple/small program, so what 
> guarantee do I have that I will not run into similar problems if I start 
> a serious project using Mono?

I cannot talk for the MonoDevelop team as I'm not part of it, but I
wouldn't call an IDE of *any* type a "simple/small program", specially
when it supports more than 3 (computer) languages, has a great plugin
system, code completion, etc. Worse than that just implicitly saying
that MonoDevelop is not "a serious project using Mono". If I were a
MonoDevelop developer, I would be seriously offended by your question.

Answering the question: it doesn't matter the technology if you use, if
you want platform-specific features, as MonoDevelop did with GNOME, you
are not going be portable, at least not until your dependencies get
portable. It's no different for things that are more spread like Java.

Now you ask "why they want GNOME-specific features?". Simple. We, open
source users, specially GNOME users, love to have a tightly integrated
system, and MonoDevelop developers seem to prefer having a good and
integrated IDE in Linux rather than another IDE but that runs
everywhere. Besides, Windows already has its own bunch of IDEs.



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