[Mono-list] Mono(Develop) crossplatform?

Lieven lieven at quasar3d.nl
Sun Mar 26 08:06:52 EST 2006

The problem with monodevelop is that it links to numerous libraries that  
are not written in a .net language, like gtk and the gtk-sourceview.  
gtk-sharp is only a managed wrapper that calls unmanaged code.
To make monodevelop run on windows, all it's unmanaged resources have to  
be ported to windows the normal way.

I believe that the biggest problem is with the gtk-sourceview, and that  
they are planning to write their own source editor in C#.

If you stick to managed libraries as much as possible, and make sure that  
the unmanaged libraries you use are available on all the platforms yuou  
want to run your program on, there should be any problems. Just don't do  
any pinvokes, leave that to the wrapper libraries.

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 17:54:20 -0500, Martin Olsson <mnemo at minimum.se> wrote:

> Hi,
> I keep reading that Mono creates binaries that run with no modifications  
> on any platform. If this is true, why does not MonoDevelop run on  
> Windows?
> What is the obstacle to having a Windows version?
> After all MonoDevelop is a more or less simple/small program, so what  
> guarantee do I have that I will not run into similar problems if I start  
> a serious project using Mono?
> sincerly,
> martin
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