[Mono-list] Mono vs .NET performance

peter apvx95 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Mar 12 18:36:21 EST 2006

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>You might want to look at the Mono 1.0 release notes, they describe what
>was supported there.
>Then, in addition, you might want to read the release notes from that
>point up to 1.1.13, to get an idea of which pieces work now.
Thanks Miguel.

I have actually checked those out, thanks.  What I'm actually after, 
though (and I obviously didn't make myself very clear, for which I 
apologise) is performance comparisons rather than coverage.

I've done some tests myself, and I have repeated some previous tests 
with some slight alterations, but could always use more information 
about what others have done.  It's such a tricky field and so difficult 
not to draw innappropriate conclusions.

Best regards,


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