[Mono-list] UnixEndPoint

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo at ximian.com
Thu Mar 9 18:54:14 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 19:03 +0100, Philipp Baer wrote:
> Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> [...]
> >> Please see my last posting.
> > 
> > I don't see any test case in there.
> I've provided a simple program that demonstrates the
> behavior of UnixEndPoint and IPEndPoint. I'm sorry,
> but I don't have the time to care about further
> testcase (nunit?) programs.
> The patch fixes the misbehavior for me. It would be
> great if anybody could try to
> either integrate this patch or fix UnixEndPoint
> in some other way. If not, I'll have to add a
> workaround for our project for now.
> I'll add the bug to bugzilla this evening.

The bug is fixed now. The problem recvfrom problem was in the runtime,
not in UnixEndPoint. I also added the Equals/GetHashCode methods.

Thanks a lot.


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