[Mono-list] installing complete mono framework on CentOS 4.3

gnuplot post gnuplot.mail at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 22:11:50 EDT 2006

Hi again,

The game ( aka rpm hell ) is still not over.

I am trying to install the rest of the packages needed for the development:
Gtk# 1 Development Tools and Gtk# 2

I am stuck ... AGAIN.

root at madril mono]# \rpm -iv *
error: Failed dependencies:
        mono(Mono.Data.SqliteClient) = 1.0.5000.0 is needed by

So, we are back to the square  one.  Monodevelop needs sqlite.

It seems to me that mono is not yet ready for the real production use.
If I can not install it
on RHEL 4 (aka CentOS 4.3) then I do not know what else I can  say.

I am NOT SW developer.  I am just trying to help a hardcore MS WINDOWS
.NET developer

He showed a real interest to port his applications from MS WINDOWS to LINUX.
He would like to have a development environment as comfortable as possible.
IDE is a part of the comfort zone.
His program is NOT a home/hobby project. It is a real production
project. To be more specific, a real LAB project. Our company has
8000+ employees and I am doing my
best to show to  as many people I can,  the power of UNIX/LINUX.

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