[Mono-list] favorite IDE ?

Lee lee at datatrakpos.com
Wed Jun 28 09:53:52 EDT 2006

I love Borland Delphi 6, but when it came to .Net development, I figured MS
would be the ticket as far as C# goes.  I also have Chrome
(www.chromesville.com) add-in for VS for when I get homesick for Object

Eitherway, I could not do without many of the features that we take for
granted in a full blown IDE such as code completion which make my work so
much faster.

My hat's off to the notepad/vim guys.  I'm just not that good, LOL.


> I develop with my Borland Developer Studio (BDS) 2006 with Delphi.NET.
> And well... it just works perfectly fine for me.
> I like my refactoring enhacements in the IDE, I like my 
> visual web-forms designer, I love the property inspector and 
> most I love live-data in the IDE.
> Just not mentioning the editor features like code snippets 
> and self-configurable code templates that just pop up when I 
> need them.
> Overall I'm definetly more productive with an IDE that offers 
> me such features, because the whole code hacking can be done 
> much faster. And I'm not payed for the code hacking but for 
> thinking about the code to hack in ;-)
> Greetings,
>    Sebastian

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