[Mono-list] favorite IDE ?

Bradley, Peter pbradley at uwic.ac.uk
Wed Jun 28 07:13:32 EDT 2006

I'll drink to that.  I'm sure there are some very clever hackers who are
super-productive with just a text editor and make, but I'm not one of


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Actually... No  ;-)

I develop with my Borland Developer Studio (BDS) 2006 with Delphi.NET.
And well... it just works perfectly fine for me.

I like my refactoring enhacements in the IDE, I like my visual web-forms
I love the property inspector and most I love live-data in the IDE.

Just not mentioning the editor features like code snippets and
code templates that just pop up when I need them.

Overall I'm definetly more productive with an IDE that offers me such
because the whole code hacking can be done much faster. And I'm not
payed for
the code hacking but for thinking about the code to hack in ;-)



On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 21:06 +0300, Alex Nedelcu wrote:
> Pool: what's your favorite IDE for Mono development ?
> I am using SciTE with my own generated API file, coupled with Make for

> project building.
> I found it to be simple, effective, and easy to configure, although I
> considering switching to vim.
> I would've used Monodevelop, but I found it too buggy.
> Somehow, I do not like full-blown IDEs.
> Even if I had Windows and VStudio installed, I would still prefer a 
> simple and fast editor.
> Is anybody else feeling like me ? :)
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