[Mono-list] favorite IDE ?

rus rus at forgecom.co.uk
Mon Jun 26 06:26:11 EDT 2006

gedit and a terminal running NAnt works for me.

I like monodevelop but just don't have confidence in it yet. I'm always
worried that clicking on something will cause it to suddenly freeze and

VisualStudio just freaks me out.

On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 21:06 +0300, Alex Nedelcu wrote:
> Pool: what's your favorite IDE for Mono development ?
> I am using SciTE with my own generated API file, coupled with Make for 
> project building.
> I found it to be simple, effective, and easy to configure, although I am 
> considering switching to vim.
> I would've used Monodevelop, but I found it too buggy.
> Somehow, I do not like full-blown IDEs.
> Even if I had Windows and VStudio installed, I would still prefer a 
> simple and fast editor.
> Is anybody else feeling like me ? :)
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