[Mono-list] Getting a service to start automatically

Lee lee at datatrakpos.com
Sun Jun 25 18:53:32 EDT 2006

Hi all, 

I've have tried unsuccessfully to get a service that I wrote to startup
automatically via an init.d script.  I have tried about every combination
that I can think of, but to no avail.  As it is most of the time, there has
to be something that I'm doing wrong, but just cannot figure out what it may

I've been at it for about 6 hours today and I'm done trying to guess how to
do this.  Travis on this list sent me a script link (and eventually a script
template via private email) but I am unable to get either to run correctly. 


I did get as far as seeing the script executed when linux (CentOS 4) starts
up, but the service that it is supposed to start does not start at all and
the script generates a bunch of errors concerning rc.local not being found,

Thanks for any help,


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