[Mono-list] Re: Windows processes

Alex Nedelcu bonefry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 20:28:48 EDT 2006

Err ... replying to myself.

I had a revelation ... what if I look at how Mono has implemented it.
So I happily navigate to the System.Diagnostics.Process implementation
and what do I get ?

    *private* *extern* *static* *int* GetPid_internal();

    *private* *extern* *static* *int*[] GetProcesses_internal();

Damn, I thought I had it easy.
What the hell does MethodImplOptions.InternalCall mean ?
Does it mean that the CLR takes care of it ?

So, can you please help me ?
I am not a good C++ programmer to search for code snippets that other 
people wrote.

Alex Nedelcu wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I want to get the list of processes loaded on Windows, at a given 
> time, along with statistics like
> cpu usage, memory usage, etc ...
> Although it is for a C# project, I do not want a C#-specific solution 
> (like System.Diagnostics and stuff).
> I also know about WMI, but besides the fact that MONO doesn't support 
> WMI yet (AFAIK),
> for other reasons I do not want to use WMI.
> So ... any other way ?
> Any COM objects I could call ?
> Any Windows functions from kernel32.dll, or user32.dll ?
> Please help me, because I am unfamiliar with the Win32API ... and 
> believe me that I searched, and with no success.
> Thank you,

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