[Mono-list] Working with Files

Dallman, John jgd at ugs.com
Thu Jun 15 12:42:36 EDT 2006

> 1. Be able to replace existing .conf files on the linux box based on
> requests from the client.
> 2. Be able to shell out to utility executables.  An example 
> would be running the following:

The security issues on this one are, well, large. This is a 
classical example of the kind of server that is intrinsically 
easy to abuse, and in which any buffer overflows or other 
security-related bugs will be likely to be very easy to exploit.

If someone new to server programming had written something 
like this and wanted to run it on a server I was responsible 
for, the answer would be a flat no. 

Rather than writing something from scratch for the job, you'd
be far better trying to find something that is widely used 
and accepted and can do the job you're actually trying to 
accomplish. You haven't explained what this is, but if you 
do, someone on this list may well be able to point you to 
something appropriate. 

John Dallman, Parasolid Porting Engineer, +44-1223-371554 

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