[Mono-list] Problems serializing 'object' classes

Javier Fernandez jfernandez at igalia.com
Sat Jun 10 03:25:35 EDT 2006

Im agree, 'value' is not a C# reserved keyword.

But the problem keep unresolved.
In general, how can i serialize a class, which one of their 
member is an 'object class'. I knonw this may have not sense
in C#, but remember i start from a C CORBA environment and the
stub clases generated from the WSDL are built from C data 

That is the reason of have an 'object class' as member of one 
concrete class. 

The question is, C# soap serialization, needs some help to known 
what class exactlily be the untyped member ? I said in previous mails
that gsoap needs a special attribute in all structures which has 
'untyped'  ('any' type on CORBA) : int __type.

This attribute is used by gsap to identify the type of the 'any' member.
I dont knonw if i've explained well. 

Is imoprtant to me, because all this code is automatically generated 
and implies a great reduction in coding efforts. However, i always 
can do things manually :(

Anyone has an idea ?

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