[Mono-list] Cannot find assembly `nunit.framework.dll'

P. Oscar Boykin oscar.boykin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 11:20:26 EDT 2006

I am running Debian unstable with libnunit2.2.6-cil and mono

I have nunit.framework.dll installed:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 29184 Apr 30 13:44

The GAC seems to know about it:

gacutil -l | grep nunit
nunit.core, Version=, Culture=neutral,
nunit.framework, Version=, Culture=neutral,
nunit.util, Version=, Culture=neutral,

But when I try to compile a program using "-r:nunit.framework.dll" it does
not work:

mcs -t:library *.cs -out:testout.dll -define:BRUNET_NUNIT -r:
error CS0006: Cannot find assembly `nunit.framework.dll'

Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings
If I by-pass the GAC, it works:

mcs -t:library *.cs -out:pob_test.dll -define:BRUNET_NUNIT
ConnectToMessage.cs(294,24): warning CS0219: The variable `ctm3a' is
assigned but its value is never used
ConnectionTable.cs(1121,26): warning CS0168: The variable `c' is declared
but never used
ConnectionTable.cs(1128,26): warning CS0168: The variable `c' is declared
but never used
ConnectionTable.cs(1134,26): warning CS0168: The variable `c' is declared
but never used
Compilation succeeded - 4 warning(s)

Am I misunderstanding the role of the GAC?  Shouldn't I be able to do -r: to
reference assemblies there?

Am I doing something incorrectly?
P. Oscar Boykin                            http://boykin.acis.ufl.edu
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Florida
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