[Mono-list] Re: display svg image

Greg Lowe greg at vis.net.nz
Wed Jun 7 04:13:42 EDT 2006


Any progress on this one?

I assume that there are no C# wrappers for this yet.

I was planning on writing a really simple wrapper for my own purposes.
I'll probably get to that within the next month or so. Will post it.

On the C side of things here's a recent example:



Hey all,

What is the "preferred" way to display a SVG image on a Gtk.DrawingArea?
I know there's Rsvg, but I've seen C examples of Cairo which use some
Cairo libraries only, and the Rsvg namespace is not documented at all
from what I see in the online docs :(

On a similar note, I want to create a CAD-like software, is
Gtk.DrawingArea appropriate for a drawing canvas? Is there anything...

Thank you.
Alex Roman

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