[Mono-list] Re: mod_mono and memory/cpu time limits

jim hunt jim at helvector.com
Sun Jun 4 21:41:55 EDT 2006

hey again robert
thanks your response
sorry if the way i word things isn't quite right, but i was reading on
the mono-project.com 
website about setting up mod_mono and it seemed to suggest that on
reaching the limits 
the mod-mono-server will be killed and then respawned on the next
is this not the case?
" After reaching the limit, the OS will kill mod-mono-server. Upon next
request mod-mono-server will be restarted by mod_mono with the same
limits. " ( http://www.mono-project.com/Mod_mono)
i had a read through the thread, i'll check it out properly this
afternoon, but i just 
wanted to know if i'd got completely the wrong end of the stick on this
one, as this 
documentation from the mono-project seems to be all over the web and to
reads like it should look after itself killing and restarting the
instance as is needed
thanks again for answering so quickly
jim hunt
jim at helvector.com <mailto:jim at helvector.com> 

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	> i'm having trouble with memory limits and cpu time limits,
	> i set these in my apache conf files and things seem to work
	> well up to the point when they are reached
	> then as its supposed to mono gets killed. but it never
	> i just get a service error from apache
	> i've done this watching 'top' after setting the cpu time to a
	> really low number, so after 10 seconds worth of cpu mono
	> does get killed bang on schedule...just never comes back.
	> same thing for when the memory limit is reached
	Restarting a killed mod-mono-server is not implemented
	for some good reasons.
	You may try out this patch after you've read the whole
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