[Mono-list] Running EXE's without "Mono" preamble

David Brain dbrain at bandwidth.com
Thu Jun 1 07:57:46 EDT 2006


This could be a kernel config issue, if you build your own kernels check 
that you have BINFMT_MISC - (under 'Executable file formats' in 
menuconfig) set to be build either as a module, or built into the kernel.

If you are using a stock kernel, check if the command

	mount binfmt_misc -t binfmt_misc /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc

runs, if so you have it built into your kernel already, and can proceed 
to the next step.


Lee wrote:
> Hello,
> But when running 
> Modprobe binfmt
> I get "FATAL Module binfmt not found" and I cannot go further. 
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> Warm Regards,

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