[Mono-list] Phalanger on Mono

Ligesh myself at ligesh.com
Mon Jul 31 16:06:18 EDT 2006

 Hi folks,

 I was trying out the wonderful phalanger, and and naturally I tried to get it working on mono. The phalanger developers have averred that the compiler is 100% c# and thus theoretically it should work transparently on mono. When it comes to practice, there is a small issue though. When I tried running the phpc.exe on mono, I got this error,

	Unhandled Exception: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.Uri.op_Equality'.

  I asked the phalanger people, and they told me its because mono doesn't have this particular method implemented, and one of them had also filed a bug report long back. So is there any chance you folks will do the necessary stuff to make phalanger work on Mono?

  The entire philosophy behind mono is that we need a higher level (better) language than C to develop applications faster. In that case, if php, which is the simplest language out there, runs properly on mono, I am sure a 100 thousand programmers--mostly newbies without much skills--will start coding in mono.  I personally think that getting phalanger working on mono would be extremely beneficial for both the parties, and I think php on mono would open the framework to a far wider audience than what's possible with the current set of languages. This is not in any way meant to disparage your current work, but I think adding a popular language like php into the mix would be really cool.  I would like to know if you people would be interested in making phalanger properly running on mono.

  Thanks in advance.

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