[Mono-list] Web app performance profiling

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo at novell.com
Mon Jul 31 14:33:17 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 17:20 +0300, Andrey Tkach wrote:
> Hello,

> We have one web application, with some performance issues while
> testing it on Suse Linux 10.1 and mod_mono 1.1.15. But on .Net, IIS
> results are much better. I supposed to make a decision whether such
> platform suitable for our middleware. Are there some web-resources
> about testing web-applications performance on mono?
> I feel I need to profile something to see what makes such delays. What
> is the right way to profile mod-mono-server?

I assume you're letting mod_mono start mod-mono-server. The steps to
profile it are as follows:
     1. Start apache.
     2. Run 'ps aux' and copy the command line used to run
     3. Stop apache
     4. With the same user that runs apache, run the command line copied
        in 2 adding the '--profile' parameter to mono.
     5. Start apache.
     6. Do a few requests (they will take a lot to process).
     7. Stop apache
     8. mod-mono-server will stop and you'll get profile output.

Note that when --profile is enabled, mono is *extremely* slow. Do as
many request as you need to get a result that excludes start up stuff.


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