[Mono-list] ASP.NET and Licensing

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Jul 28 07:45:17 EDT 2006


Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] wrote:
> einKI.ml escribió:
>>> If you don't want to use ASP.NET and/or System.Windows.Form it's up to you 
>>> but note that the fact that there is a closed source implementation of them 
>>> (i.e. Microsoft .NET Framewrok) doesn't mean that you should avoid their 
>>> open source implementations (i.e. Mono or Portable.NET, IMHO Mono is much 
>>> better:).
>> Im just wondering because they are listed as "controversial elements" in
>> the FAQ. But since I am somewhat familiar with ASP.NET I think it make
>> sense to use it on Linux too.
> There are other frameworks that you can use without ASP.NET AFAIK, that 
> Miguel has not mentioned (perhaps the ones he has mentioned are too tied 
> to the AJAX-thing, I mean, they require JavaScript):

Miguel mentioned projects that don't use System.Web at all.
Dream depends only on some HttpUtility methods (HtmlEncode, etc.),
while Jitzu is completely System.Web independent.

> - Maverick.NET (if you use non-ASP.NET methods for the view, such as 
> XSLT+XML+XHTML or NVelocity)
> [ http://mavnet.sourceforge.net/ ]

It depends on System.Web

> - CastleProject (the Ruby on Rails port to C#)
> [ http://www.castleproject.org/ ]

It depends on System.Web, too.

> - Spring.NET (I haven't used this one but seems a port of the Spring 
> framework from Java to C# that uses AOP)
> [ http://www.springframework.net/ ]

It depends on System.Web as well.

> Using these frameworks you are not only avoiding the use of ASP.NET but 

You don't.


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