[Mono-list] installing complete mono framework on CentOS 4.3

gnuplot post gnuplot.mail at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 10:58:54 EDT 2006

On 7/6/06, Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net> wrote:
> > Is such a behaviour correct ? (aka  was mcs designed like this ?)
> It's not MCS. Mono (and so *all* managed apps) needs the .wapi folder
> to be able to simulate the Win32-API.

 Are you saying that .wapi directory is needed but it does not matter
where it is.  It is not needed by others (other users) and  it is
needed only by the local user. How much am I  off the mark ?

> > Short description of our LAN:
> > - one server  running NIS, samba and exporting /home  /usr/local
> > - 25 lab workstations exporting /proj , automounting /home and /usr/local
> > - 'madril' is exception.  It has its own /usr/local and automounts /home
> We are using NFS for our homes and it works. I don't think
> that .wapi was ever tested with a samba share.

no no no... We are __not__ using samba share for /home.  I am just
saying that that samba, on the main server,  is serving MS windows
users with all 25 lab workstations (/proj and /home/$USER).  /home is
NFS mounted on lab workstations



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