[Mono-list] EventLog.Exists

Bastiaan Naber bastiaan.naber at eventis.nl
Fri Jan 27 06:59:32 EST 2006


I am fairly new to the mono project but it seems to be a very good project.

I have developed a .net program using the Microsoft tools, now I would like
to run the program in mono. My program is a command line program. I am 
mono on Windows first, just to see what is possible.

My program runs correctly until it gets to a call to the static method:

EventLog.Exists("eventIS", ".")

this method returns false, while it should return true (it does when I 
run the application
in the Microsoft CLR). I have looked through the mono documentation, however
there is not a lot of  documentation yet for the namespace 
System.Diagnostics. Looking
on the class status page:


it looks like the EventLog class in the namespace System.Diagnostics has 
implemented (it says 100%).

Can anyone explain why a call to this static method runs false? The 
event log eventIS
is available on the machine.

Bastiaan Naber

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