FW: [Mono-list] calling library functions

Bradley, Peter PBradley at uwic.ac.uk
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Just a thought...

Are you using a signed assembly?

If so... 

Did you write the functions such that the SendData() function only
occurs in a later version?

Are you sure the correct version is being loaded (e.g. is the one in the
GAC the one with both the functions)?

Try renaming or deleting all previous versions and see what happens.


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First I wan't to thank Jorg Rosenkranz for help on long running

I have some weird problem with calling library functions.

I wrote library with cca 10 functions, and they all work ok, but one.

Declaration in library (mlibr.dll):        

    public void SendData(string Data,string RemoteIP,ushort RemotePort)

Call in Main (Main.exe):

object.Bind();  - compile ok
object.SendData(); - compile error

Error description:

Main.cs(100,5): error CS0117: `funcs.net.msocket' does not contain a 
definition for `SendData'
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

I'm compiling under windows xp and freebsd (both same result!).

I have no idea, what's going on...

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