[Mono-list] O'Reilly's Mono in a nutshell :)

Alexander Reiter r.alex at utanet.at
Tue Jan 17 16:35:38 EST 2006


  i would suggest to read the book: "C# Objects from Concept to Code"
  this is a really good book about C#


Am Samstag, 14. Januar 2006 17:09 schrieb Magno K. Nardin:
> Dear friends,
> Forgive me for my bad english.
> I have the book "Mono A Developer's Notebook". It's very good. But, I
> want more :) I'd like to know how much usefull these books are for a c#
> +Mono+*Linux* new developer?  
> C# Cookbook
> Programming C#
> .Net Windows Form in a Nutshell
> Programming .Net Components
> Programming .Net Windows Applications
> Shared Source CLI Essentials
> Unit Test Frameworks
> I'm new on C#+Mono, not on Linux :) and I *don't have* any pc with
> WindowsOS :)
> Thanks!

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