[Mono-list] O'Reilly's Mono in a nutshell :)

Néstor Salceda nestor.salceda at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 14:23:26 EST 2006

El sáb, 14-01-2006 a las 14:09 -0200, Magno K. Nardin escribió:
> Dear friends,
> Forgive me for my bad english.
	Forgive me too :)

> C# Cookbook
	This is a book, that contains tips; and some tricks of how do some
common things: Read a file, Write a file, Use a collection ...  A book
with a lot of tips.

> Programming C#
	With this book I learned C#.  Very complete book.  I liked a lot when i
readed it.

> .Net Windows Form in a Nutshell
	I don't know.

> Programming .Net Components
	Amazing :D  A bit centered in MS implementation; but a great book in
order to see the Component Model of .NET.  I really love this boo,.

> Programming .Net Windows Applications
> Shared Source CLI Essentials
> Unit Test Frameworks
> I'm new on C#+Mono, not on Linux :) and I *don't have* any pc with
> WindowsOS :)

	Personally, I think that Programming C# (in my case) is very useful.
And, because the project that i'm involved; Programming .NET Components
are basic.  Finally, if you want a few tips; see the CookBook; but i
prefer read a CookBook in a Library don't buy it.

> Thanks!
Néstor Salceda <nestor.salceda at gmail.com>

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