[Mono-list] Learning mono...chapter 3

Salvatore Scarciglia s.scarciglia at hyperphar.com
Thu Jan 12 02:15:32 EST 2006

Hi Clark,
first of all: thank you for the comments. 

> 1.  The program name (first field on the first step) , won't let you
> have spaces etc (looks like it's used for the file name or something).
>  This wasn't clear and so it wasn't working for me, so I ran it from
> the command line and saw the error output that helped me come to this
> conclusion.  Perhaps better validation is in order?

Of course. I'm working on it to check every fields.

> 1.  Selecting where to put the deb would be nice.  It's not obvious
> that I should look in my home folder.

This is in the "TODO List"...

> 2.  The writing on the top should say "steps" not "step" (I know that
> is nitpicky)

You are right. I'm italian, so writing in english is not so "natural" for me.

> 3.  In a future version it would be cool if you could simplify the
> application requirement step since I have no idea what to put there as
> I don't know how to create debs (I figure you kind of want this for
> people who don't need to know that).

I would like to link my application directly to the assembly of a project or
the main file of a MonoDevelop solution, so the requirement should be compiled

> I know you said it basically your program to learn mono so my comments
> are probably pretty dumb but I know I will want feedback on my
> application so I hoped it would be helpful.

Ok, my applciations are developed to learn mono and basically for a personal
use, but I like to share my experience with other mono developer ...

> Thanks,
> Clark


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