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Apologies.  Forgot the "Reply All"


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Hi Robert,

I posted on this before.  If I do as you say, it does not work.  We can
come back to that one in a while, if you like.  I let it drop at the
time because I got my test application working by making the change I
outlined in my OP.

However, things have moved on a bit.  I've discovered that I was
mistaken to say that the SWF client worked OK.  In fact it was only
working OK when it connected to my Windows box.  When I start the Linux
daemon, it appears to start OK, but when I run the client trying to
connect to it, it says, "Socket not connected" even though rc_status is
returning "done".  I'm going to have another look at that on Monday.

Nevertheless, my ASP.NET pages will not run even when I configure them
to connect to my Windows box.  I alter the MSc.config file to point to
the url "tcp://a20186:48486" (which works for the SWF client), and
restart Apache, but I still get the same error for the ASP.NET pages.

For completeness, I'm going to copy everything over again as you say in
your post: then I'll come back and tell you the error I get.

Cheers (and thanks for your help)


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> To deploy the ASP.NET application, I have copied all the files and
> folders from the application directory on my development (Win2003
> Server) box to the Linux box (including the bin directory).  On the
> Linux box, I then modified the page directive at the top of each
> page to change CodeBehind="..." to Src="...".  I then restarted

Why this change? Just copy the application directory and the
bin folder. It should work from scratch.

The CodeBehind-to-Src trick is not needed for binary deployment.
In fact it is never necessary.


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