[Mono-list] Re: Unable to deploy an ASP.NET application

Bradley, Peter PBradley at uwic.ac.uk
Sat Feb 18 11:36:22 EST 2006

Robert and list,

Following up as promised.

When I copy everything over as you suggest (including the bin folder), I
get an error message when trying to load the first page in the
application, saying it cannot find the type MSc.Initial.  In other
words, it fails at the directive Inherits="MSc.Initial", it seems.

The capitalisation appears to be correct to me.  From the source file:

namespace MSc
	/// <summary>
	/// Summary description for Initial.
	/// </summary>
	public class Initial : System.Web.UI.Page

So I appear to have two problems.  The first one is that I can't get my
remote object working on the Linux box.  The second is that the ASP.NET
pages can't connect to the remote object even via a path that is known
to work.

I think the best strategy is to attack the second of these first.

However, I've been working on this all day and I'm very tired.  I'll
check with the list over what's left of the weekend, but I won't be able
to make much in the way of changes until I'm back in work on Monday

Thanks for your help



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> To deploy the ASP.NET application, I have copied all the files and
> folders from the application directory on my development (Win2003
> Server) box to the Linux box (including the bin directory).  On the
> Linux box, I then modified the page directive at the top of each
> page to change CodeBehind="..." to Src="...".  I then restarted

Why this change? Just copy the application directory and the
bin folder. It should work from scratch.

The CodeBehind-to-Src trick is not needed for binary deployment.
In fact it is never necessary.


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