[Mono-list] trusted_connection with mod_mono?

(( m )) perpendicular at infotage.net
Wed Feb 8 15:06:17 EST 2006

hello.  we are testing the use of asp.net apps within mod_mono on apache
running on windows server 2003 [with the eventual migration to a
different os].   the asp.net apps are working great.  but on iis, we use
"application pools" to have each asp.net application run under its own
domain account "security context" so that it can use integrated kerberos
authentication with ldap directory [currently active directory] and a
trusted connection to our databases [rather than clear text database
usernames and passwords].  we are trying to emulate that same isolation
of asp.net applications using mod_mono and apache, and having trouble.

anyone accomplish this out there yet, or know what pieces i need to put
together to make it all work?  any pointers are appreciated.


public employee
portland, oregon
republic of cascadia

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