[Mono-list] a simple Gtk application on Mac OS X 10.4

giovanni francesco lucchese giovannifrancescolucchese at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 13:34:45 EST 2006

Hello everybody,
I'm new with Mac World, so I need help....
I've developed a simple application based on Gtk...I've tested it  on
Windows, on Linux and now I would test it on Mac too.
I've read in http://www.mono-project.com/Mono:OSX the instructions:

 Installing Gtk# on MacOS X 10.3

While MacOS X has its own GUI toolkit (Aqua/Cocoa), it also includes support
for X11 (Quartz accelerated). Gtk# <http://mono-project.com/GtkSharp> (*
http://mono-project.com/GtkSharp*), Mono's cross platform graphical toolkit
runs on MacOS X but packages are not yet available for it or its
dependencies (which are numerous).

Today, if you want to run or develop Gtk# applications,
 (*http://fink.sourceforge.net*) is the best way to install all necessary
dependencies (gnome-desktop and all others). Installing GTK# on MacOS is
still a little effort intensive (instructions from *Geoff Norton*):

   - Install the latest Mono.framework
      - .....DONE

   - Install Fink <http://fink.sourceforge.net/> (*
      - ......DONE

   - Update fink to CVS (fink selfupdate-cvs)
      - ....DONE

   - Update fink to unstable
      - ...I've execute "fink selfupdate -unstable"..it seems ok

   - Update all fink core packages (fink update-all)
      - ....DONE

   - Install Apple X11....I've tried to install it but the system has a
      newer version inside
      - ....so I think that's all ok

   - Install gnome and gtkhtml3 from fink (fink install bundle-gnome
      gtkhtml3 gtkhtml3-dev gtkhtml3-shlibs)
      - ....HERE I'VE the problem: Ther isn't bundle-gnome (with fink
      list it doesn't appear...)...The following instructions I
haven't executed

   - Have a coffee / nap / go for a walk while fink installs Gnome.
   - Install Gtk# from source to the prefix
      /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current (You will need to set
      the following environment variables:


NOTE: To run Gtk# apps you need to export the following environment

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sw/lib:/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/lib/

Could someone help me??
What does the command "fink install bundle-gnome gtkhtml3 gtkhtml3-dev
gtkhtml3-shlibs" install (the complete gnome enviroment or only the
libraries I need to run a Gtk app)??...

Giovanni Francesco Lucchese
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