[Mono-list] Re: Mono SVN Version - How to compile...

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Feb 6 01:56:55 EST 2006


> I downloaded the source code and ran autogen.sh in the mono directory to
> build the whole thing.  When I did this, it said that there was no mcs
> compiler so the install failed.  SO… I went back and put the mono directory
> back into the path so that it could be found.  It then compiled and I think
> installed ok, but when I run mono –V, I still get mono 1.1.13. 

The version number of SVN-HEAD doesn't include the build number,
so you're probably really running SVN-HEAD.

> Secondly, am I wrong in thinking that I now have two versions installed on
> the machine?  If so, where would the compiled version have gone?  

Since you removed /opt/mono.1.1.13, you should have only one
version that got installed to /usr/local (the default prefix).
The mono executable is /usr/local/bin/mono.


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