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Greg Creme gcreme at ncsadvantage.com
Sun Feb 5 22:34:00 EST 2006

Hi Everyone, 


First, please forgive the long winded nature of this post, and I am new to
this and don’t know what everyone needs to know to help, so I thought I
would try to give you as much background as possible.  I have been
desparately trying to get the latest version of Mono compiled from source to
see if there have been any big improvements in the winforms area.  However,
this process seems to be more tricky than it seems in the documentation.
So, if someone can please help me out and tell me where I am going wrong.  


I installed mono version from the bin installer on the mono-project
website (this is on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3).  After I found that winforms
for mdi applications are not quite fully baked in the release version, I
decided that I would have to download and compile from source to see if it
is usable for my current project.  


Reading some of the documentation on how to compile from source, I thought
that I had to remove the installed version.  I am not really sure how to do
this (as I am new to linux).  The documentation said to type rpm something
to see if it was installed.  I typed it in and the program said that the
package wasn’t found, however, I could still type mono and have the mono
information come up – so it looked like it was installed.  To get around
this, I removed the mono directory “/opt/mono.1.1.13” from the path so that
it wouldn’t find it any more.  


I downloaded the source code and ran autogen.sh in the mono directory to
build the whole thing.  When I did this, it said that there was no mcs
compiler so the install failed.  SO… I went back and put the mono directory
back into the path so that it could be found.  It then compiled and I think
installed ok, but when I run mono –V, I still get mono 1.1.13. 


So, the first question is – is this what I should expect to see if I am
running from the source I just compiled from SVN?  If not, what should I

Secondly, am I wrong in thinking that I now have two versions installed on
the machine?  If so, where would the compiled version have gone?  


Thanks for all your help.  



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