[Mono-list] CursesSharp crossplatform example release

Florian Hester florian at nedlinux.nl
Wed Dec 20 19:11:00 EST 2006


Here are the examples with Curses for Mono on both Linux and Windows!

I am very happy with this release. As this project will also be used in my
CLI based game. Knowing i can use Curses both on Windows and Linux in
Mono, i am very happy.


Instructions are in the README file.

Curses# uses PDCurses on Windows and NCurses on Windows. Its almost
crossplatform on an binary level.

As some of you may know, ncurses has 3 extra library's, forms, panels and
menu's. They will be fully supported by Curses#, but not on Windows yet,
on Windows only panels will be supported. This is because PDCurses does
not have the menu and form library implemented. I am hoping to implement a
sortoff runtime check for this.

Small TODO list:
- Full panel, form and menu support on Linux, and panel support on Windows.
- Ofcourse all Curses functions implented.
- Maybe everything will change in to OOP, but maybe not.

For any testers out there, start testing! And ofcourse others too.

Florian Hester

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