[Mono-list] Jakarta Struts for .net/mono

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Fri Dec 15 06:06:05 EST 2006

Alexander escribió:
> I writing port of Jakarta Struts 1.3
> Instead of asp.net WebForms it will provide ViewEngines (like MonoRail)
> and at this time just simple IronPython based engine available.
> Ports already available:
> * commons-chain (Chain Of Responsibility pattern for the request processor)
> * commons-validator (for client data validation)
> * commons-beanutils (to populate actionForms)
> * Implemented base functionality:
>     chain for request processing, actionForms, actions, plugins support,
>     custom security mechanism (with simple xml file based storage),
>     configuration (so clise to original)
> In progress:
> * ValidatorForm and dependencies (MessageResources, 
> MessageResourceFactory, etc.)
> * Sample Web application
> Please give me a piece of good advice about design:
> Unfortunately ASP.NET provides sealed HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse
> which cannot be used to write mocks for testing (I love javax.servlet).
> I considering to wrap this objects to complete Java Servlet API and use 
> this interfaces
> for whole port implementation (except httphandler which will instantiate 
> wrapped objects)
> and make port completely independent from System.Web.
> At this time I wrap HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse into custom
> classes which so close to original.
> If it sounds wild, it's possible to use asp.net HttpContext, etc..,
> but unfortunately it's a farewell to unit testing.
> If somebody interested, please help with this dilemma and project name :).
> Current name is "Nemo", but my offer is "Boast" as Struts synonym.

Hey, this sounds wonderful.

Just my two cents: why not "NStruts" (so as to follow the Java->.NET 
common port practices ;) ?

And I would love to try out your framework if you implement a ViewEngine 
based on XmlSerialization of the Controller, with XSLT transformation 
for the view (XML to XHTML with XSLT). This is the kind of methodology I 
have been using recently with Maverick.NET (which BTW is a port of the 
Java-based Maverick project), instead of using ASP.NET or (IMHO)strange 
template engines (such as NVelocity).


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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