[Mono-list] Jakarta Struts for .net/mono

Alexander waterfallen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 22:51:25 EST 2006

Hi guys.

I writing port of Jakarta Struts 1.3
Instead of asp.net WebForms it will provide ViewEngines (like MonoRail)
and at this time just simple IronPython based engine available.

Ports already available:
* commons-chain (Chain Of Responsibility pattern for the request processor)
* commons-validator (for client data validation)
* commons-beanutils (to populate actionForms)
* Implemented base functionality:
    chain for request processing, actionForms, actions, plugins support,
    custom security mechanism (with simple xml file based storage),
    configuration (so clise to original)

In progress:
* ValidatorForm and dependencies (MessageResources, 
MessageResourceFactory, etc.)
* Sample Web application

Please give me a piece of good advice about design:
Unfortunately ASP.NET provides sealed HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse
which cannot be used to write mocks for testing (I love javax.servlet).
I considering to wrap this objects to complete Java Servlet API and use 
this interfaces
for whole port implementation (except httphandler which will instantiate 
wrapped objects)
and make port completely independent from System.Web.
At this time I wrap HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse into custom
classes which so close to original.
If it sounds wild, it's possible to use asp.net HttpContext, etc..,
but unfortunately it's a farewell to unit testing.

If somebody interested, please help with this dilemma and project name :).
Current name is "Nemo", but my offer is "Boast" as Struts synonym.

Alexander. waterfallenATgmail.com

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