[Mono-list] mono still using libxml2 and libxslt - XslCompiledTransform still a stub ?

Peter Vandenabeele peter at vandenabeele.com
Fri Dec 8 06:45:27 EST 2006


In the file


I read in an entry of 2003-01-22 that the XslTransform.cs implementation
uses libxml2 and libxslt for the Load and Transform methods.

I am confused if that is still currently the case or not.

If yes, I would appreciate a pointer to where and how in the code
those libraries
are called.

If no, I would appreciate a pointer to where in the code base that functionality
is then implemented.

Sorry if the answer is obvious, but I searched hard and still was unable to
discover any of the two above, so hence my confusion.

While I am at it, is it also still valid that XslCompiledTransform is
still a stub for XslTransform (so not pre-compiling the stylesheet
for optimization)?

I am still trying to understand what seems to be an xslt conversion
error in the odf-converter.sourceforge.net project, details reported there.

Thanks for any hints :-)


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