[Mono-list] apache 2 + mod_mono binary deployment issues

Willem.Smit at sanlam.co.za Willem.Smit at sanlam.co.za
Fri Dec 8 04:54:10 EST 2006

Hi guys
I'm hosting a mono asp.net site via a hosting company. Every time I deploy 
a new binary (dll) for my site, mod_mono seems to lock up on their side 
and apache throws 503 server temporarily unavailable errors. It looks as 
if a simple restart of apache fixes the problem, but I can't keep asking 
the techs to bounce the server just because I'm uploading new binaries. 
It's also kind of hard for me to get you the proper information from the 
logfiles since it's not my servers. (So please forgive me for lack of 

When I do a binary deployment on my local dev site I also get a server 
unavailable (503) error intially, but then it seems to reload itself and 
everything works fine. Locally I run the latest release version of mono 
and mod_mono, I don't know if the hosting provider's upgraded to 1 .2.1 
yet. Another difference between their and my setup is that I don't use the 
AutoHosting feature locally because it stuffs up my HttpHandlers . I'm 
trying to get them to configure my site properly, but I think they like 
the autohosting feature since it requires no work from their side.

Is there a bug related to this / does anyone else experience this / does 
anyone know of a workaround I can give the techs where I'm hosting ? 

ps. Praises to all of the mono developers. You guys have built a great 
platform and I'm proud to be one of your users !

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