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Matthijs ter Woord matthijsterwoord at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 05:48:02 EDT 2006

The Microsoft announcement referred to in the quoted post, is that really
the case? Will Microsoft fight against any compatible implementation of WCF
and WPF?


Matthijs ter Woord

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> Hello everyone,
> A while back, I joined the development team of a project that was then 
> called "MonoIndigo". This was designed to be a port of Microsoft's Indigo 
> framework (now known as the Windows Communication Foundation). As many of 
> you know, Microsoft made it clear that any kind of direct port of Indigo 
> was not going to be accepted, and would be in breach of IP regulations. 
> Likewise, the same would apply for Avalon (now known as the Windows 
> Presentation Foundation I believe).
>   The main aim of that project, was to EXTEND Indigo's appeal, by making 
> the same code, unchanged, run on any platform that Mono run's on. Seeing 
> as this can no longer be the case, the project was changed, re-named, and 
> is no longer a direct port of Indigo. I personally feel we are lacking a 
> decent, service oriented framework for helping to develop client/server 
> applications under Mono, and I would like still to rectify that with the 
> Amber project. It's main aim is to make a functional useful messaging and 
> communication platform, running under either .Net/Mono, that takes the 
> hassle out of writing the actual communication layer of a server/client 
> app, allowing the developer to rely on the framework to perform the 
> communications, while they concentrate on the specifics of his/her 
> application.
> Anyway, enough waffle, the point of this e-mail is simply to see if anyone 
> else would be interested in working on such an open source effort, as 
> currently our development team is severely lacking, and with our current 
> resources it'll take us years to get to any kind of point where we are 
> able to release! So if any like-minded individuals are up for helping to 
> build a decent communications platform, hopefully benefitting the 
> community, and meanwhile providing a worthy rival to the Microsoft Windows 
> Communication Foundation, then please get in contact with me, the more the 
> merrier! We'll need developers, testers, people to help with 
> documentation, etc...
> In the meantime, here are a few project links:
> -- A wiki I setup for the project: 
> http://wiki.eldiablo.co.uk/amber/FrontPage
> -- The project page on NovellForge: 
> http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?amber
> Any questions, discussion, whatever, don't hesitate to drop me a mail.
> Cheers,
> -= El =-
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