[Mono-list] System.AccessViolationException just under Win32

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Aug 20 12:24:25 EDT 2006


> After several investigations,it seems that the problem is related to
> "src" variable and the "Marshal.Copy" invocation. The attribute
> "pr.data" has type "IntPtr" but the block of memory referenced by it
> is allocated directly by GIMP (in an unmanaged way), so I can't use
> the method Marshal.AllocHGlobal .

Probably the computed value that you come with for `src' is incorrect it
is probably trying to access an address that is not part of your process
address space.

Alternatively, dummy might not be allocated or have enough space.

> It works fine with Linux, but under Win32 it raises that exception.
> Thanks in advance for your support,
> Regards,
>   Max
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