[Mono-list] Building db4o from the src rpm

PFJ paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 06:03:48 EDT 2006


I'm trying to compile db4o using mono-1.1.16-1 (supplied by Fedora Core)
using the src rpm (I'm thinking of submitting it to Fedora Extras).

When I come to compile it, I'm getting the following error

./src/core/src/core/com/db4o/YapField.cs(89,14): error CS0121: The call
is ambiguous between the following methods or properties:
`object.GetType()' and `com.db4o.reflect.ReflectField.GetType()'
/usr/lib/mono/1.0/mscorlib.dll `object.GetType()', name of symbol
related to previous error
`com.db4o.reflect.ReflectField.GetType()', name of symbol related to
previous error

Where is the best place to report this error (not sure if it's here or
to db4o themselves) and is there something I can pass in to stop this


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