[Mono-list] DataGridView causes 100% CPU usage

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Aug 7 05:26:22 EDT 2006

I created simple exe file which allows editing bound data using
I used Visual C# Express Edition 2005 and .NET data provider for PostgreSQL 

Running this exe file in Windows XP using Mono is extremely slow. 
Windows Task Manager shows that mono.exe uses 99% CPU if application has 
Grid responds to keystrokes after very long delay so that editing data is 
If generated code InitializeComponent() method contains line
this.dataGridView1.DataSource = this.dataSet1;
application finishes immediately when running under mono.

How to edit data in grid with Mono ?

Is in reasonable to wait for fast DataGridView implementation or should I 
switch to GTK# or wxWindows ?
GTK# and wxWindows do not have C# code-generating IDE like Visual C# so
its more difficult to use them.


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