[Mono-list] Getting start with Mono on Windows

Daniel Weinand listmail at sharpedit.net
Thu Aug 3 07:15:40 EDT 2006

Am Tue, 1 Aug 2006 09:45:53 -0400 schrieb Stephen Gross:
> Did I screw up the installation? Did I forget some basic required component?

Let me guees. There's no .NET Framework installed on your Box?
try: mono x.exe

if it fails try "PathToMono\bin\mono.exe x.exe"
should be: C:\Program Files\Mono-\bin\mono x.exe

if this is ok you must add the "PathToMono\bin\" to your PATH
and you can use "mono x.exe".

i don't know if there's a way to use the *.exe withot having
.net framwork installed and without using the mono prefix


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