[Mono-list] EmergeTk, Ajax web framework for .NET/Mono, released

Ben Joldersma ben at joldersma.org
Tue Aug 1 12:39:30 EDT 2006

Hello Mono folks,

First off, thanks for all the hard work on making Mono as great as it is.  I
absolutely love it -- I've been following it for years.  It's a real
pleasure for me to announce that my ajax toolkit now supports the mono
framework (1.1.16), as of the my latest release (0.1.1).

Here are the bullets from the web site to quickly summarize it's

   - Instantaneous, two way communication between server and browser
   (Ajax & Comet.)
   - 100% C# 2.0. Write your entire application in your favorite
   CLR-supported language.
   - Run in Windows with Microsoft .net 2.0, or on Linux and OSX with
   - Build application logic with existing widgets, or roll your own.
   - Construct your interfaces in C# or XML. Control your design with
   - Model your application domain with the integrated O/R mapper. Write
   your models in C# or XML. Store them in an embedded SQLite database, MySQL
   or SQL Server!
   - Prototype applications rapidly with our Scaffold and other data
   bound widgets
   - Present data visually with rich, interactive SVG widgets.
   - Tie everything togther with our live data binding services -- makes
   simultaneous event updates a snap, perfect for the Living Web.
   - BSD and commercial licenses available.

for more info, take a look at the website, http://www.emergetk.com.

take care,

ben joldersma
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