[Mono-list] Application Portability Guidelines.

Bradley, Peter pbradley at uwic.ac.uk
Tue Aug 1 05:19:58 EDT 2006

I haven't really been following this, so if I've misunderstood what
you're asking for, please forgive me.

In my recent work, I've found the following two - fairly minor - issues.

1. Use:


to discover the location of application configuration files.  This
avoids the use of the Windows-specific WINNT/Windows sub-directory,

2. If developing service hosts for remote objects on Windows with the
intention of deploying to Linux, specify the LocalSystem built-in
account for the service user id. This value will be ignored under Linux.
Under Windows, the username and password can be changed, if necessary,
once the service is installed by configuring it in the Services
explorer.  Setting the user to other values causes the service to fail
under Linux.

I haven't looked at these again since April, so it may be that the
information is out-of-date, especially for the second of the two.



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    I have created a new page on the Wiki to serve as a tutorial to help
people who want to port their applications from Windows to Linux to have
a central location to look for information, the page is:


    Feel free to augment the page with your experiences or with tools,
tricks and tips that might be useful to others.

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