[Mono-list] Re: Summer of code suggestion

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Apr 27 10:37:45 EDT 2006


> OK, so SWF or GTK#? GTK# may be idealogically the
> 'right thing to do' but currently I have several
> hundred SWF apps that I should be able to use on
> linux. I would imagine that 99% of experienced
> NET/Mono programmers are in the same boat.
> So either SWF or perhaps a conversion tool to take an
> SWF  'binary' and convert it?
> Otherwise I have to agree with Ympostor.

You can use either, the Mono project develops both.

We develop most of our applications with Gtk#, but our main focus of
this release is to complete Windows.Forms (and the purpose of the Beta
program) is to get folks that have existing SWF applications to test
Mono's implementation, report bugs and help us improve its support.


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