AW: Re: [Mono-list] where is System.Windows.Forms ?

rainer.queck at rainer.queck at
Thu Apr 27 04:22:33 EDT 2006

Hi peter,

>Sharpdevelop? That only runs on Win32. If you're talking about >MonoDevelop, that has got little to do with System.Windows.Forms in >Mono. I don't use MD, 
Sorry, I ment MonoDevelope.

>so I can't tell you why it is not showing the namespace (assuming you 
>installed the winforms package), but you can run your SWF apps compiled >with VS.Net or you can compile them with mcs directly.
No I have not explicitly installed the winforms package, I only used the monoinstaller, downloaded form "".

Are SWF not included with it?


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