[Mono-list] Audio file access

Aaron Oxford aaron at hardwarehookups.com.au
Wed Apr 12 01:20:40 EDT 2006

Hi all.

Can anyone point me towards a half-decent, object-oriented, open-source audio file API, preferably
for C#? A binding to some reasonably well-maintained library would be fine, OO code that I can
modify and into the project would be better. At a minimum, I want PCM WAV support - any support
for compressed or u-Law type formats is a bonus at this stage (although if it's just uncompressed
WAV files I can read those myself).

Micro$oft just can't understand that some people want to access the contents of the file, not just
play it using DirectX or Windows Media. :-( Its just crazy that .NET can load and play AVI files
on screen with seeking controls etc. using three lines of code, but doesn't give the programmer
access to the streams or any functionality lower than this (in Windows Media for instance, you
cannot even get a stream length). Why do programming languages always provide high-level
functionality that is special purpose and not backed up by the lower level stuff you sometimes
(always) need?

Anyway I'll quit bitching into your inboxes. Thanks in advance for any help.

Aaron Oxford
Partner, Innovative Computer Solutions
Developer, SourceForge project 'Violet Composer'

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