[Mono-list] Problem with SOAP Serialization of DateTime

Adrian Dinu adrian.dinu at dreamsoftware.ro
Mon Oct 31 07:25:10 EST 2005

I'm having some problems with SOAP Serialization.

I run a client built in C# under Windows that makes calls to a Web
Service built with mono under Linux.

I am having a little problem with date-time types being exchanged
from/to the server.

If the client has it's time set to GM, then it sends a DateTime type as:
If I set the timezone on my Windows machine to my Timezone (GMT+2), it
sends the DateTime as: 2005-10-31T11:51:54.4062500+02:00 (well, almost
the same datetime but the only notable difference is in the noitation at
the end: -00:00 vs. +02:00).

In the first case, it works perfectly, in the second, it throws: Could
not deserialize SOAP message.

Is this a known issue? I use Mono and serve the Web Service
using mod_mono and Apache.

Any help would be appreciated.


Adrian Dinu
Technical Manager
Dream Team Software
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